Friday, December 19, 2008


I have gotten so much shiite since my last post! Maybe it's because I made like posting more often was my goal. It was!! I still want to and, won't give the awesome reasons that wasn't done. I will however make another empty promise to indeed post more in the future.

On an altogether different note, I am publishing my sketch books on the Apple Ibook through Genus publishing. ( Maybe that wasn't such a different note) anyway, the down load will be $1.99 or less. It will have more stuff from my sketch books than Iv'e posted on this blog, but some of the images will be from here. If the sketch book does we'll be putting my finished paintings that haven't been posted here next.

now onto the pics!!

This is a comic that I published in Hot Mexican Love number 2. This was a comic published by Rob Gooden, Albert Calleros, Larry Reynosa, Bradley Gake, and Rafael Navarro. Thanks guys for giving me this venue!

I know this is long over due but I thought I would post some of the stuff that has really inspired me over the years.

First here's some Andrew Loomis. I got this book when I was like 10 or 11 from a family friend named Bunny Poe who owned a thrift store that stocked some great art books.

These are from fun with a pencil.

I need to read this book again and just do the lessons in it ... like every year.

Since I have many of the same influences a the rest of you I thought I'd post some stuff that I like that's off the beaten path a little . Not that this stuff is like unknown or anything. I just didn't want to be posting more Disney, Warners, Fliescher, or Hanna Barberra stuff. I love all that stuff, but everyone else has much better instances of that art.

Here's some Hunt Emerson...

some Al Columbia...

And here's some Eric Pigors stuff. This guy is one of my all time favorites!

I'm sure you can see the influence these guys have had on me.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So sorry for my Sloth!

Hey Everybody!

I hope everyone's still there! Thanks for always checking Dan! I've gotten alot of flack for not posting from everyone! Lots of changes have been going on! Jen's back to work on some big budget extravaganza that I can't mention, and I've moved on to working with a new writing partner at Disney on Phineas and Ferb! Exit Mike Roth, One of my best writing partners ever!, and enter Perry Zombolas! Very glad to meet ya! Our latest storyboard went over very well with the crew today! Testing new waters! So far so good!

We'll see how well it flies, with the Disney brass on friday!

One of the reasons that I started this Blog was to exibit my sketch book work. Tonight I want to show why carying a sketch book is so important to me. I've never been the best draftsman in class, but just two weeks of regularly drawing in a sketch book, affected my drawing abilities in profound ways! These are drawings from our honey moon in Paris. The first is from LAX on our way out.

So stiff and inaccurate! Sloppy yet fussy... mmmm good! I was trying so hard to draw.

This next one is from the end of the trip. So much looser and at the same time more accurate! After two weeks of not having enough time to care about the accuracy of my scribbelings I was drawing so much better!

Here's a few more scans from that trip. Not in any order, I'm sorry to say. My advancement in skill level was so erratic over those two weeks that any accurate portrait of my learning curve would be rather random and chaotic. It was more a general elevating of all abilities. Just draw and draw fast is all I can say.

We stayed in a muslim suburb of Paris with my very good old friend Robert Gooden.

And his wife Georgine, who really took care of everything.

Rob and his Wife Georgine, really acted as our anchor in paris and Jen and I were able to venture out into the city. in our neighborhgood we saw many muslim populations. Here are a couple of Somali girls dressed in the height of hip hop fashion. They both looked like Lauren Hill who was I believe living in Paris at the time with her husband , Bob marley's son.

Here's a few people I saw in cafes around Paris and some observations and experiences written down.

Monday, July 21, 2008

New logo

Here's the new logo for J4 productions.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

American Yaqui!

Here's a sketch of my boy I did a while back n my sketch book...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Hello anybody that is still out there!

I'm making another last ditch effort to start posting more regularly. I guess I fell into the same pattern that every on else did, i.e. most of your posts were in the first month and then it dropped off from there. Hope fully your posts didn't fall as precipitously as mine.

let's see. I'm still working on Darklings, andI'm still on Phinias and Ferb over at disney.

I have to say, I've been having the best time working on this show.

And it's primarily because of these two guys.
Dan Povenmier and Jeff (Swampy) Marsh.

show creators

They really fight for the funny. How often we get there is, as always up to debate. I hope we can make some people laugh. I know I was laughing my a** off sometimes.

I know that the show isn't the most "designy" show on T.V. and it isn't the way I draw my own stuff. But the idea that Dan pitched to me about the design is kina cool, at least to me. It may not be Kricfalusi correct.

His idea was to create characters with such basic shapes that small kids could draw the characters themselves. Phineas is a triangle. Ferb is a rectangle. Letting kids get a feeling of accomplishment by being able to draw these characters so easily, is the best way to encourage kids to draw, that I can think of.
In fact the drawings we have posted on the walls from grade school classes prove the point. Some of them are AWESOME.

(I'll try to get some scans of the kids drawings. I need to ask Dan.)

Maybe some day, when these kids are older like in 2018, ( it's not that far away) they'll remember how we made them laugh, and they'll employ us out of nostalgia. That would be so awesome for my kids' colledge tuition.

On a more immediate note, here's a few scans from m new sketch book.

This is the cover of my new book. It stars my daughter Jessie.

This next one's not so bad,

This one's kinda dark, a little pretentious...

Okay Creepy...

I probably should'nt have done these ones.

Bye every one!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Darklings update

Here's a couple of boardpages from darklings. I did these a while ago now. How the time flies. The days they are long but the years are short.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Thank you to everyone that made it to our show! A special thanks goes out to those of you who bought a pic! More then a few were purchased that night and over the next couple of weeks, all told we sold about 19 pieces. Everyone had a great time! Just doing the show has really spurred us on to get more stuff done. We are now going to be in a couple of charity auctions and the like. We took some pics during the show but haven't gotten them out of Jen's camera yet. Her camera takes HUGE photos and I haven't had the time to bust them down to size, soon though!

In the mean time here are some photo's I took when I was working over in the industrial section of the Disney Empire! These Alice and Wonderland heads were routered into the concrete and asphault and filled with a white rubber. This was in an abandonned part of what used to be imagineering back in the 60's I think. If anyone can tell me when and what these were from, that would be amazing. I can only guess that this alleyway was used as a test to put drawings in the roads of the parks that would be able to withstand the wear and tear of millions of feet grinding into them. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the really big(I'm guessing 20 feet wide) blue alice head over in the parkinglot. That one wasn't routered into the ground. I love that they were concerned with getting the thick and thin brushline look going for these girls.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gallery Show!

Well here it is! Our little gallery show at monkey house toys is next weekend! I was hopeing to have more paintings than I do but Jen has made up for my slack with a bunch of great photos. Here's the flier for the show I hope y'all can make it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More fuffle

This is the sort of stuff I would busy myself with while I was waiting for the overlords to review my work on Lil Pimp.

Here's some more stuff i would do. These are designs for t-shirt illustrations. I made a bunch of t-shirts for my wife's birthday that year.

First here's a photo of my lovely wife from back in the day.

And here's a few of the shirt designs.

This one is acutally a drawing of our cat back then. She is now an ex-cat thanks be to jeebus.

she was a monster.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

more sketchbook nonsense

This is the original painting from my sketch book that I posted to the Revenge of Mary Blair site that I was a member of. This is the pic before I Photoshopped Mrs. Blair's head and the bottle of gin into it, that caused me and my friend Uffler Mustek so much trouble! I don't know if any one remembers the brew hah ha that resulted from our loving (seriously) little tribute site, but I didn't know sarcasm was so intolerable in America these days. Mary Blair's son even weighed in and he was the one that convinced us to shut down the site.In fact I think he was the only one that really raised a stink! Still I guess It's better to just shut up than pay tribute to some one you revere, if you aren't going to revere them with religiously fervent and intensly earnest accolades. I love the new America! This is actually a painting of my wonderful wife.

Here's some random sketch book pages...