Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Hello anybody that is still out there!

I'm making another last ditch effort to start posting more regularly. I guess I fell into the same pattern that every on else did, i.e. most of your posts were in the first month and then it dropped off from there. Hope fully your posts didn't fall as precipitously as mine.

let's see. I'm still working on Darklings, andI'm still on Phinias and Ferb over at disney.

I have to say, I've been having the best time working on this show.

And it's primarily because of these two guys.
Dan Povenmier and Jeff (Swampy) Marsh.

show creators

They really fight for the funny. How often we get there is, as always up to debate. I hope we can make some people laugh. I know I was laughing my a** off sometimes.

I know that the show isn't the most "designy" show on T.V. and it isn't the way I draw my own stuff. But the idea that Dan pitched to me about the design is kina cool, at least to me. It may not be Kricfalusi correct.

His idea was to create characters with such basic shapes that small kids could draw the characters themselves. Phineas is a triangle. Ferb is a rectangle. Letting kids get a feeling of accomplishment by being able to draw these characters so easily, is the best way to encourage kids to draw, that I can think of.
In fact the drawings we have posted on the walls from grade school classes prove the point. Some of them are AWESOME.

(I'll try to get some scans of the kids drawings. I need to ask Dan.)

Maybe some day, when these kids are older like in 2018, ( it's not that far away) they'll remember how we made them laugh, and they'll employ us out of nostalgia. That would be so awesome for my kids' colledge tuition.

On a more immediate note, here's a few scans from m new sketch book.

This is the cover of my new book. It stars my daughter Jessie.

This next one's not so bad,

This one's kinda dark, a little pretentious...

Okay Creepy...

I probably should'nt have done these ones.

Bye every one!


Anonymous said...

Two words: Stockholm syndrome

shane oakley said...

ullo, joe. tasty visual treats, one and all! please tell me there's some story/idea that goes with THE SPICY ENGINE, spooky...