Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vanities andPuffery

Hey everyone! Here's a photo by my friend Jorge from the lunch box show at monkey house toys a while back. It's the first Darklings merchandise. Hand made and hand screwed up! I messed up the back side. As you can tell it was priced not to move. I want it all for myself. Its all mine mine mine mine down down down! OH my beloved ice cream bar... not that anyone else would want the thing.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Screen Shots

Sorry for the long delay I've been swamped at work these days.
A few screen shots of my cleanup phase.
I thought they looked cool in just their cleanup lines against black.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This stuff is from an old project of mine. I think I came up with this stuff back in 1997, HOLY CRAP! this shit is TEN YEARS OLD! any way I still want to do this one, but the writing is way too convoluted and I need to work on it A LOT.

The story as I remember it, is about a girl that wakes up one day unable to remember anything. She quickly learns that she is the cloned product of the interstellar LodeStone Corporation. She is a Lilith model Psychic Cleaner. Her purpose is to seek out and steal the religious and magical objects and talismans from whatever planet her mother corporation is raping at the time. In this world magick is real and a powerful resource to be harvested and exploited. She is woken up by an older version of herself and learns of the devestation her actions have caused. The show was to be about her stealing the sacred objects back from her former employers and returning them to their rightful owners. Indiana Jones in reverse... on another planet... if he was a female clone...a psychic female clone...sort's some cool art anyway...

These are the initial Ideas for the project. I did these and a few others one night watching public access T.V. back when we had cable... and back when cable had public access stations.

Here's one of the badguys... These guys (there were supposed to be three) were called the adjusters. they were holographic projections of the LodeStone Corps three vast Articicial Intelligences.

This is a trailer I made in after effects for pitching the show idea.

I have a few scenes more it's gettng late I'll post the rest later...

Friday, August 24, 2007

More Darklings Stuff

Again just to keep up with the short, here is a test of how some factory miniatures I built are going to look with animation over them. Since this short is sort of my tribute to the influence the fliescher studios has had on me, there's no way the thing would be complete without a few miniatures sets. I didn't build these factory minature for the short but they just sort of seemed the perfect place for the climax of the cartoon to take place. of course when I shoot them for the cartoon the lighting will be much darker and gloomier.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Podunk Possum!!!

Hey everybody! I just found my first short on line! I've been wanting to get this up on youtube, but haven't had the time or equipment to get it off the 3/4 inch tapes that I have at home. I don't know who this guy is but thanks for posting it! Now I too can share the sweet inexperience and steadfast industry of my youth.This short was created and written by Elisabeth Stonecypher and I, the layout on this was done by Andy Bialk, Carey Yost, Charlie Bean and myself. the B.G.s were done by Mike Moon, and painted by Carol Wyatt. I got Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard himself Denver Pyle to do the main character's voice. Like all of my later stuff it's filled with grey aliens, cow mutiations, anal probes, ghosts and distrust of the gubmint. It's an overflowing conspirocopia of fun!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Darklings Update

Sorry for the lack of posts on what this blog is supposed to be about, but here's a screen shot from a scene I was working on. Since this short is partly an excercise in stream of consciousness comic booking, I have been putting a little of my Darklings time in on that. So much art to do so little time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nursery Mural

Hey everybody! We finally finished that mural I always said I was gonna do for my children's room!

I started with some designs in my sketch book as usual. I did these in acrylic inks and rollerball V.5 ball point pen.
First I thought it would look best in warm, no, hot colors, red, orange, etc.

The holes in the design are where the doors and windows are in their room,the lower, darker part was to be chalk board paint, the kind that turn's your walls into black boards. You can get it at Home depot. I used some copper ink stamps to see what metallic paint woould look like with the flat color.

Here's a design for the serpent that I liked.

Then I though the whole thing was too harsh and decided to make it a winter wonder land.

We ended up painting the kids' room blue so the winter scheme was out, too mono chromatic and all. So I went back to the warmer colors, here's the final painted BG. (the drawings are by my friend Camille Reeves Lucier)

The stars in the sky are the same copper ink that I used in my sketch book. I also used gold ink with 2 or 3 different types of star stamps. I used a floral stamp in the border with the gold. All this metalic paint took forever to dry, 8 months in fact. That was a long time to stear clear of the wall especially since the flowery border is exactly at hip level.

Here's a better look at the town section.

Some of you may notice, I stole the tree style from my friend Andrew Brandou's burning LA painting. As you can see I did end up painting the lower part of the wall with Chalkboard paint.

Next I moved on to the serpent. I didn't just want to paint the main figure. I wanted a collage of some sort, so I decided to build it out of gatorboard, cloth, and paint chips from Home Depot again. They just don't make construction paper as rich or with as many variations as paint samples plus, paint samples are free, if you have the guts to just load your self down with them. The harried underpaid staff at HD never seemed to mind.

Here he is in progress,

and here's the finished mural!

Take a closer look at the guy, Jen jumped in and helped glue the scales on, paint the back fins, and make the ribbon out of satin.

After all this, Jen and I wisely decided to just do one wall. Maybe some day we'll get up the gumption to do the rest of the designs, but don't hold your breath.

Friday, July 06, 2007

rough girls

here's few sketch book girls for your edification.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Old Flash Files

This is one of the first flash things I did. It was done in 2002 while I was working on something called Lil Pimp. Once again sorry for the fuzz on the beginning. If anyone knows why this is happening whenever I upload to YouTube please tell me, it's really harshing my mellow man.

Here's a B.G. done in flash for a pitch I did a couple of years ago. It was for a show I want to do called "Doomsday High, school for super villains". I'm still pitching this one around town as well.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Here she is! My girl! My little Jessie, she is now about 2 weeks old. Isn't she a sweetpea?

At 9 pounds 6 ounces she was a big girl! Sorry mommie! On her second day she was already lifting her head up to get a look at her mother! Not failing to thrive I'd say.

And here's all of my progeny to date. They are sleeping for now, but soon they will awaken and the world will know it's MASTERS!

On a less momentous note here is some more stuff from that previously mentioned UNNAMED project!

This is a guy that's been nixxed as far as I know. He was designed by Carey Yost, and drawn by Marc Colangelo. As before I just did the coloring.

When I first started on the show I was given free reign and was allowed to build some set miniatures for the production. This place is called the Haunted Palace. The building is made out of foamcore and paper. The stop lights are made of coffee stirrers, plastic drink straws and paper.

Here's a better look at the stop lights.

I put everything together with hot glue.

Here are a couple of preproduction paintings I did for the show. I'm so sorry that it hasn't seen the light of day yet. The crew on it, that Doug Lawrence got together, was amazing; Lynne Naylor, Chris Reccardi, Chris Battle, Chris Mitchel, Craig Kellman, Miles Thompson, Justin Thompson, Jim Smith, Bob Jaques, Bill Wray, just to name a few! This thing should have been out years ago.

This one's about 5 inches tall by 3 and a half inches wide

Small marker comps

The flash from my camera destroyed this one.

A thumbnail done in acrylic inks

Thanks for waiting, but as you can see things have been hectic around here.

p.s. does hectic refer to hecate? I would love some etymological info on that if anyone can share.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Wabbits! Wabbits! Where are they all comin fwum?

Here's a couple of pages of rabbits done for a friends bar a while back. The place was gonna be called "the wild hare" obviously. I guess it actually was called the wild hare, for a few months there, but now it's gone, bummer. All that's left of the place are these little guys.

And these guys too.

another sketch book post

This stuff is from years ago. I can only hope I've gotten a bit better since then. some one once told me that you can't get any better after the age of thirty, how depressing. In my own life I,ve improved immeasureably since turning thirty, only now am I finally feeling I can draw at all, or have any level of skill.

Monday, May 14, 2007

2 scenes + a new painting

(Fri May 17th)
For some reason the only way I could get a new pic up on Blogger was to edit a previously existing post, so that's what I did, cuse I'm a dooer not a waiter. This little picture is a study for the robot and girl paintings I am doing. I did it in my sketch book with acrylic inks. I tried to get it out as fast as I could. I'll try and fix it when I can get to the final.

Here are a couple of scenes strung together. This is still rough timing. I'm primarily creating new assets right now, but every once in a while I have to pick at a scene, and push it along a little further.

p.s. Sorry for the crap on the front of this one, but I don't have time to mess with YouTube for hours trying to fix it. For some reason this scene hates YouTube no matter what type of file I render it out in.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Here's an image I put together from some odds and ends in my project files.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello, is any body still out there?

Sorry for the lack of posts, but Iv'e started working full time again, and preparing for the arrival of our new daughter. The skies have cleared for the evening though, so here's some new stuff for you...

First here's a new BG for the cartoon.

And here's some color I did for a project that must remain nameless, the great drawings were done by my friend Mark Colangelo who hates computers.

This character isn't even used in the show any more anyway.

This guy didn't stay in the picture either

He also didn't die.

By the way a Big Happy Birthday goes out to my mom today.