Sunday, June 24, 2007

Old Flash Files

This is one of the first flash things I did. It was done in 2002 while I was working on something called Lil Pimp. Once again sorry for the fuzz on the beginning. If anyone knows why this is happening whenever I upload to YouTube please tell me, it's really harshing my mellow man.

Here's a B.G. done in flash for a pitch I did a couple of years ago. It was for a show I want to do called "Doomsday High, school for super villains". I'm still pitching this one around town as well.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Dad and cath didn't take a good close up of her, so I didn't get a good look. But they do have a great family pic of the 4 of you. And that's a funny pic of the 2 of them sleeping. Aren't you worried that he will hurt her in his crazy sleep? And she has a cabbage patch kid head in that pic. I remember when The Turtle had a cpk head. I GOT HER THAT OUTFIT!! Glad she's wearing it!

Miles said...

yeah your youtube noise is a bummer daddy!

nice BG! ... but why didn't you PAINT it?