Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So sorry for my Sloth!

Hey Everybody!

I hope everyone's still there! Thanks for always checking Dan! I've gotten alot of flack for not posting from everyone! Lots of changes have been going on! Jen's back to work on some big budget extravaganza that I can't mention, and I've moved on to working with a new writing partner at Disney on Phineas and Ferb! Exit Mike Roth, One of my best writing partners ever!, and enter Perry Zombolas! Very glad to meet ya! Our latest storyboard went over very well with the crew today! Testing new waters! So far so good!

We'll see how well it flies, with the Disney brass on friday!

One of the reasons that I started this Blog was to exibit my sketch book work. Tonight I want to show why carying a sketch book is so important to me. I've never been the best draftsman in class, but just two weeks of regularly drawing in a sketch book, affected my drawing abilities in profound ways! These are drawings from our honey moon in Paris. The first is from LAX on our way out.

So stiff and inaccurate! Sloppy yet fussy... mmmm good! I was trying so hard to draw.

This next one is from the end of the trip. So much looser and at the same time more accurate! After two weeks of not having enough time to care about the accuracy of my scribbelings I was drawing so much better!

Here's a few more scans from that trip. Not in any order, I'm sorry to say. My advancement in skill level was so erratic over those two weeks that any accurate portrait of my learning curve would be rather random and chaotic. It was more a general elevating of all abilities. Just draw and draw fast is all I can say.

We stayed in a muslim suburb of Paris with my very good old friend Robert Gooden.

And his wife Georgine, who really took care of everything.

Rob and his Wife Georgine, really acted as our anchor in paris and Jen and I were able to venture out into the city. in our neighborhgood we saw many muslim populations. Here are a couple of Somali girls dressed in the height of hip hop fashion. They both looked like Lauren Hill who was I believe living in Paris at the time with her husband , Bob marley's son.

Here's a few people I saw in cafes around Paris and some observations and experiences written down.


Robert Goodin said...

I like the watercolor buildings the best. I don't remembers seeing any of these before. The Ricky Martin thing is hearsay. I just heard from someone that he has terrible acne. Who knows? Maybe he doesn't.

Justin K. Thompson said...

Hi Joe! I'm back.

I like yer paris sketches, they're nice