Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey everyone! Another hectic and GREAT Friday! There were so many people at the J4 studio that we all spilled out into the yard! It was ALMOST overwhelming!

The Usuals showed... there's Marc and Kevin!

Our good friends Ed and Mike showed up! And it was Jen's cousin, Linda's last night in town!

We did fireworks with Jared! Here I am lighting one with the buddy.

Marc took somegreat pics of The boy twirling his sparklers through the night air.

Our friend Ken brought by his bitchin' camera for us to do tests with!

Here's Christian setting up the green screen to span the corner of the room. He lit the factory model just right! Some how it does'nt look like it's made out of garbage! The Magic Christian!

Here I am pulling some of my paintings off of the ceiling of the J4 workspace. Jen's cousin Linda's husband Alan is helping me. He will be driving away from L.A. in like 5 hours... good luck Alan... good luck. it's what like 1:30 right here....

Call when you get home!

Thanks for lookin' out everyone!


jerilyn said...

Wow! You guys have been busy!!

Martin Olson said...

how am i missing this! i'm there!