Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hey everybody! time to collect our selves and do some more organizing...get ready to do another big shoot....write more, build more dirty-up costumes more.

Here are a few shots from the last few weeks to wrap up our recent progress:

first up the closeup makeup tests.

He I am with jared prepping the floor for the garage shoot.

Kevin and I during the shoot.

Here's Jen hanging out after the shoot, still in costume.

A week later we watched the dailies with the kinder.


A few days after that we began working on another puppet.. this time out of rolled latex tentacles and an old portable T.V.

Marc started by coating some linoleum left over from our kitchen with the liquid latex.

we soon transfered the project to beneath the orange tree.

Marc sped things up with a hair drier.

Many layers of latex later we began rolling the tendrils.

Who'm I kidding, I'm just posing like a jerk! Marc did it all!

Mike faking it .

Here "we've" (i.e. Marc) attatched the first tentacles to the glove.

And Here's the robots head.

Eventually it will hopefully look something like this...

Thanks for looking!


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