Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the blog abandonment. The holidays, and the annual holiday cold that we have acquired, since having children, have taken their toll. Also, I have been busy as a bitch lately. As many of you know, Miles Thompson and I have sold a pilot idea to Cartoon Network. I am still at the mouse factory, and I'm working on a small gallery show at MonkeyHouse Toys in Silverlake, with my wife Jen. Lots of stuff to do in '08! I've been invited to do a piece for Dr. Viktor von Kreep's "Cereal Killers" bookas well. I'm behind on everything. I will also endevour to continue Blogging of course. I have found that keeping this blog has been as awesome for my productivity, as I had hoped!

Here's some art...

These are some blueprints for a church renovation I found, in a pile, behind an extinct architects's office. The B/W photos were put into the blueprints to be referred to on site. I painted the ghosts in using bleach, to fade the photo emulsion. I decopaged them into a larger painting. Now after years they have faded, and the spots in the painting are almost totally white, big bright holes in the picture. These are the only version left of the photos now.

Thanks for checking in everybody ! Have a better one!

Hey, I found another pic from this series, while trawling aroung in my files.


shane oakley said...

ullo, joseph. LOVE what you're doing - WAR OF GHOSTS and DARKLINGS especially. creepy, mind-licking stuff.
any plans on getting your comic strips published?

J.G. Orrantia said...

Thanks shane I do plan on doing just a small self published mini comic with my strips some day I'm just so swamped these days. thanks for the encouragement. It really does help me get off my ass and do more!

Miles said...

these are HORRIBLE and you know it. get off your ass and do more!

John van Ommen said...

Mouse Factory? Would that be the Giant Mouse Factory that owns ABC? Because I'm sitting there as we speak.

Your pal John