Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's about time!

Hey everyone. As some of you may know, we are neck deep in puppet building! We are flying fast and furryous! Cutting fleece and foam, glueing stuff burning ourselves with hot glue guns and poking ourselves with needles. I've never has this much fun in my life! We have filmed some video tests and I hope to post them soon, until then take a look at these few pics of our process.

Here's another shot of the puppet bay in the studio.

And here's one of jen building one of the little buggers! she's working on a foam skull for a girl puppet.

We are using patterns fromProject Puppet a great source for simple professional puppet patterns!

Here's a pic of Marc testing one of the early prototype puppets against a home made green screen I set up in the studio. I'm using halogen track lighting to illuminate it, and had the paint clerks at Home Depot mix up the brightest green they could muster up.... hope it works. We'll find out soon I guess!

Here he is setting up a test for motion tracking the screen of a robot puppet we are building.

And here's a pic of the studio as we set up another test with a couple of the puppets.

...Mmmmm naked puppet...

I am now in the middle of setting up the costumes and props for the show... lots of running around let me tell you. And putting together all the paperwork and schedules to try to get this thing done, bummer stuff man. On a brighter note We just aquired a DP!!! welcome aboard Christian! He's helped us to get out $#!+ together. Just having to explain what we are trying to do has sharpened our idea of what we need to do!. No big news I'm sure but a revelation to me. I got so much to do.... i gotta go to bed....

hope every one keeps checking in!



Justin K. Thompson said...

Oh my! You HAVE been busy. I thought you just hated me.

This stuff is looking awesome! I can't wait for the film!

Justin K. Thompson said...

Oh my! You HAVE been busy!

This stuff is looking awesome! I can't wait to see the film!

Danica Sheridan said...

The puppets look great. Can't wait to meet them in person tomorrow! :D

Jerilyn said...

Oh cool!! I love your blog - I'm gonna link to you from ours!