Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey everybody! We had a real great session friday night working on the short! I pitched the first draft of the board to a good chunk of the crew. We spent some time working out how to extend the Orbitz drinks we are going to use for outer space. And we watched a rough cut of the animatic of the opening! Unfortunately we dont have any photos of the pitch but we do have some of mark and I trying out something for the ship after every one else went home.

I bought a couple of rolls of reflective tape to use as lit portholes.

We used a paper punch to cut out uniform portholes and placed a couple on the side of the ship. using the flash we got a pretty good lit window effect.

next thing to do is to strap a high powered flashlight onto a video camera and see if we can get the effect we are trying for in motion.

the following pics are cloae shots that marc took of stuff laying around the studio just for fun.

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