Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More fuffle

This is the sort of stuff I would busy myself with while I was waiting for the overlords to review my work on Lil Pimp.

Here's some more stuff i would do. These are designs for t-shirt illustrations. I made a bunch of t-shirts for my wife's birthday that year.

First here's a photo of my lovely wife from back in the day.

And here's a few of the shirt designs.

This one is acutally a drawing of our cat back then. She is now an ex-cat thanks be to jeebus.

she was a monster.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

more sketchbook nonsense

This is the original painting from my sketch book that I posted to the Revenge of Mary Blair site that I was a member of. This is the pic before I Photoshopped Mrs. Blair's head and the bottle of gin into it, that caused me and my friend Uffler Mustek so much trouble! I don't know if any one remembers the brew hah ha that resulted from our loving (seriously) little tribute site, but I didn't know sarcasm was so intolerable in America these days. Mary Blair's son even weighed in and he was the one that convinced us to shut down the site.In fact I think he was the only one that really raised a stink! Still I guess It's better to just shut up than pay tribute to some one you revere, if you aren't going to revere them with religiously fervent and intensly earnest accolades. I love the new America! This is actually a painting of my wonderful wife.

Here's some random sketch book pages...

Old test

This is and old motion graphics test that I did years ago with a piece of music that I created late one night when I thought I might be able to make something listenable. It's extemely short.

Monday, February 04, 2008

An old comic from an old time

Here's a comic I drew in one of my sketch book years and years ago. I was just starting to do more complete stuff in my sketch books and I was starting to use my sketch books as portable laboratories the way I do now. This sketch book was really a break through for me. It was, I think the first sketch book I had carried since high school. For some reason when I went to Calarts I stopped carrying sketch books. I also didn't see any of the bigshots at Spumco carying sketchbooks when I worked there after Calarts. That also had a big effect on me. I thought that it was an amature habit, I guess. Thank god I eventually got over that misconception.