Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flash Experiment #555 (Goldfrappe)

This is another abstract music video thing I did a while ago. It uses the same geometric sort of pieces that the one of my wife used, only more extensively. To make the objects I went to places where flash breaks down like the "soften fill edges" function. The "shape tween" function was used for some of the movement to see how it would morph some of the more complex shapes. My computer had a nervous breakdown doing some of this stuff. I was really into this band Goldfrappe at the time. While working on this I read that the band were heroin addicts and that made it's way into the movie a little. I think I put that stuff in there mostly for shock value, and edgyness... what a loser. I should have put some skate boards and guitars in there too... oh yeah and some cool sunglasses, a cigarette, a pair of dice and a zippo lighter. I could have used some music by Bruce Willis's band "the Accelerators" instead of Goldfrappe as well, and my journey to the dark side would have been complete. The quality of this copy is attrocious, sorry for that. I'm trying to find a better version of it, but It may have been lost. If I find it though I'll repost it.

Oh yeah, and my pretty wife makes another quick appearance as well.

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