Thursday, January 25, 2007

Go here to see some factories I've built out of trash! This is an old site I put up about 3-4 years ago. Andrew Brandou and Miles Thompson helped me to put it up. As you will see I ran out of steam while working on it. a lot of the pages don't work. Sorry guys, I dropped the ball.

DO NOT Use the EMAIL address from the Wesite It will NOT get to me. If you want to get in touch with me use the email in the profile attatched to this blog. Do not use the contact me button in the web sight.

This next URL will take you to a painting I did a while ago. I used a set of church blueprints as an element. Some one was doing a church renovation and I found the blue prints for it in a pile behind an architects office. Because it was a renovation they took black and white photos of the different rooms they were renovating, the vestibule, the music room etc. and put them into the blueprints making them blue and white photos. I used bleach to paint ghosts into these rooms and came up with a couple of cool images. I like how the bleach burned the paper giving the ghosts a warm yellow tint it shows up well against the blue tones of the blueprint photos.

When you get there, click on the girl face not the brain guy or the mouth or the ghostie eyes. That will take you to the painting I'm talking about. then roll over the blueprint pic in the painting and they will enlarge, slightly.

Over the years these blueprint photos I used have faded almost into nothingness. Leaving big white spots in the painting with only faint glimmerings of what was there. these photos are what I have left of the images. The drawing of the church front is completely gone. I love that.

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Justin K. Thompson said...

Hooray! I love the site!