Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This stuff is from an old project of mine. I think I came up with this stuff back in 1997, HOLY CRAP! this shit is TEN YEARS OLD! any way I still want to do this one, but the writing is way too convoluted and I need to work on it A LOT.

The story as I remember it, is about a girl that wakes up one day unable to remember anything. She quickly learns that she is the cloned product of the interstellar LodeStone Corporation. She is a Lilith model Psychic Cleaner. Her purpose is to seek out and steal the religious and magical objects and talismans from whatever planet her mother corporation is raping at the time. In this world magick is real and a powerful resource to be harvested and exploited. She is woken up by an older version of herself and learns of the devestation her actions have caused. The show was to be about her stealing the sacred objects back from her former employers and returning them to their rightful owners. Indiana Jones in reverse... on another planet... if he was a female clone...a psychic female clone...sort's some cool art anyway...

These are the initial Ideas for the project. I did these and a few others one night watching public access T.V. back when we had cable... and back when cable had public access stations.

Here's one of the badguys... These guys (there were supposed to be three) were called the adjusters. they were holographic projections of the LodeStone Corps three vast Articicial Intelligences.

This is a trailer I made in after effects for pitching the show idea.

I have a few scenes more it's gettng late I'll post the rest later...